What is a Digital Story?

Wesley Fryer says this about digital storytelling. "As human beings, we are hardwired for storytelling. The motto of the Center for Digital Storytelling is "Listen deeply. Tell stories." Digital storytelling projects can provide ideal opportunities for students to acquire and demonstrate the literacy skills required to thrive in the 21st Century."

In my mind digital stories are stories told through voice and with pictures to support the narration.

Top tips

  • listen to others ideas on storytelling see video below
  • keep it simple
  • tell your story no one else's
  • story board and plan
  • edit the pieces, crop the pictures, test the story
  • reflect as a group throughout the process
  • end with story on the web this gives the most flexible longest lasting audience potential
  • observe copyright use creative commons images that observe the creator's rights like the one below
  • you can use silence to good effect ie time without narration where the pictures tell the story

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external image somerights20.gifSarihuella

Ira Glass Talks about story telling (suitable year 8 and above)

Mediateam have some tips with example videos

Make Your Story on the web
There are many places to tell your story on the web in a similar way to Movie maker or Imovie. I have had another look at these and are now ready to say that my choice for digital story telling would be photostory 3 because of its simplicity yet effectiveness. As Ira says the story needs to hold the day. If you are interested on making the whole thing on the web my first choice would be Animoto.

Animoto could be used for a digital story as it has nice transitions between images and can have text and sound added. To provide a true soundtrack the audio needs to be fully mixed before it is uploaded. Audacity or garageband are our simplist tools here.


Resources and Tutorials

There were some great student retellings of Pasific Legends This site has material on recording narrations, storyboarding etc.

David Jakes Has some super Tutorials for Photostory HereDavid Jakes

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The University of Houston have a good resource for story tellers including info on editing with Photostory 3.