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The capacity for recognition memory for pictures is limitless. Pictures have a direct route to long-term memory, each image storing its own information as a coherent "chunk" or concept (Paivio et al., 1968; Standing et al., 1970; Paivio, 1971; Standing, 1973; Paivio, 1975; Erdelyi and Stein, 1981 and references therein)

It is not by luck that we use photo albums and collections in stor telling and remembrance for our families and friends.

People cannot learn about the world without absorbing thousands of images directed at shaping our feelings, wishes, dreams and actions by manipulating our natural sense of wonder.

Viewing images

Tips for Teachers
“What questions come to mind as you consider this image?”
"When do you think this picture was taken?"
"Why was this picture taken"
"What may have happened after this picture?"
"Make a link between two different pictures"
"Select a picture as being the odd one out"
"How are the image and the text related?"
"What could be done to make them match better"

Creating images and choosing images
Top tips
  • All pictures are not created equal
  • Crop pictures to remove unwanted bits or create an area of focus
  • Use variety of shot types some ideas from Kodak
  • Move
  • Light is a basic ingredient for good photography. No light results in no picture.

Rule of thirds
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Images often have more power if the center of interest is placed by a power point
that are the intersection points of a third of the image. Link to further explanation

Class images events

5 images that tell a story
Eportfolio picture where students post to a class or their individual blog
Use the web 2.0
Candid camera activity
Student work in groups to take pictures with a certain meaning. They try to get a picture
for each word in the list. Another group has to then work out which pictures were which.
A possible list is candid_camera.pdf

activity Students take 5 pictures of what they think will make them learn. Then take 5 pictures of what the adults want them to learn. They then justify each type.