How it Works

Given that readers will not persist with content unless it is perceived to be of benefit for them
the design layout and textual elements of any publication are of great importance when writing for others.

Writing is an opportunity to be precise in meaning but the writer will ignore visual elements to their peril.

Tips for teacher

Read and view with students a large number of text formats and layouts.
Discuss and reflect on these elements as much as possible.
This vocab is as important as the understanding of formal language features.
Challenge students with a number of formats:
Learn some basics of publication Design
  • Use white space for effect
  • Keep column widths to <80 characters if possible
  • Emphasize by use of callouts and bold text
  • Keep design consistent and use limited number of fonts
  • Offer challenges to use fewer words but more consisely
Badge,postcard,logo,recipecard, trading card, a5, a3 a1, callout, comic, etc
Whole page
Work online as it provides new and diff
Ask students to represent each others work ie redesign visual elements only with same context.

Links to visual Text sites

Visual text analysis

Resource from NZCER